The Istanbul Public-Private Partnership Center of Excellence (Istanbul PPPCoE), founded in 2015, is an association that offers the best PPP advisory services and provides trainings for PPP HR capacity building. Istanbul PPPCoE works closely with governments, corporations, multilateral entities, financial institutions and MNCs to provide technical and strategic assistance in establishing policies, laws & regulations in PPP domain for both private and public institutions. In addition, Istanbul PPPCoE also organizes training programs to contribute capacity development of public officials, sector representatives and financiers who want to improve their career planning in PPP field.

Istanbul PPPCoE organizes annual “Istanbul PPP Week” which takes place during the 1st Week in November. The Istanbul PPP Week covers trainings, discussions, knowledge and experience sharing as well as networking opportunities. Istanbul PPPCoE also organizes Business to Business (B2B) meetings between public officials and private sector companies. These meetings are held in hopes to provide a chance to assess investment opportunities bilaterally.

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